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Hawaiian Bath & Body

Hawaiian Mango Clean The World Soap

Hawaiian Mango Clean The World Soap

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Pikake is the wedding-lei flower, coveted for its beautiful island floral scent. Pikake flowers bloom in spring and their beautiful scent floats across the evening Hawaiian breeze. Our Pikake soap is a favorite for that same reason. Moisturizing Hawaiian Macadamia and Kukui nut oils in combination with oatmeal make our Pikake soap perfect for normal, combination oily, or oily skin.

All Ingredients: Saponified oils of Coconut, Palm, Olive & Soybean; Hawaiian Macadamia Nut & Kukui Nut oils, Rice Bran oil; Organic oatmeal, Organic rice flour, Cornstarch; Hawaiian Bath & Body Pikake Pure Essential oil and fragrance blend.

Instructions: Use in the shower or at the sink to gently yet effectively cleanse skin. May be used as often as needed. If soap lather gets in eyes, flush with water.

Tip: Use as a gentle cleanser for normal, combination, or mature skin.

Net Weight: 3.25oz

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