Why Go Natural?

Activated Charcoal handcrafted soap for Earth Day | Hawaiian Bath & Body Every day is Earth Day!  That's why we created Hawaiian Bath & Body®, a soap and skincare line to live up to our own ideals of sustainability.  Our soaps are handcrafted with no petroleum products and can be purchased Packaging Free!  This week all our unboxed soaps are 20% off with code WORLD!  How do you honor Earth Day?

Using natural and organic skincare products with healthy ingredients as nature intended, as well as keeping a healthy diet, helps keep your skin vibrant and glowing. Sebum, the thin oil on your skin, is the first layer of protection against environmental elements. Too much sebum will clog your pores, too little will leave your skin dry and chapped. Using handcrafted soaps and skincare with wholesome ingredients that absorb their skincare properties into your skin, is a beautiful way to balance your overall skin health. And, knowing that your skincare products are ecofriendly and safe for our reefs feeds your spirit! Here at Hawaiian Bath & Body® we are excited to share our natural skincare line with you! We are mindful of the ingredients we use because what goes into our soaps goes into your skin. 


Aloha and a hui hou!




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