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Patchouli Natural Soap

Patchouli Natural Soap

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Also known as the hippy or "60's" scent, Patchouli has gone from Cult Classic to millennial favorite. Our unique blend of essential oils is a mellow take on this classic and an exceptional deodorant. One of our most popular men's soaps! The oil comes from the leaves of the patchouli bush with strong skin health properties like antiviral, anti-fungal, and an insect repellant. The bar's dark color comes from crushed black walnut hulls which are wild crafted. Organic oatmeal soothes skin irritation and balances pH.

All Ingredients: Saponified oils of coconut*, palm*, olive and castor; Hawaiian macadamia nut and kukui nut oils, rice bran oil; oat flour*, black walnut and macadamia nut powder; pure essential oils of patchouli, palmarosa and nutmeg.

*Organically grown ingredients 

Instructions: Use in the shower or at the sink to gently yet effectively cleanse skin. May be used as often as needed. If soap lather gets in eyes, flush with water.

Tips: Use as an effective and gentle cleanser for normal, all combination, and oily skin types. Men love this soap because of its deodorant abilities!

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