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Lavender Mint Aromatherapy Body Oil

Lavender Mint Aromatherapy Body Oil

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Pure essential oils of lavender and mint blended with three exotic moisturizing oils, Sweet Almond, Avocado and Jojoba, to soothe your body and heal your spirits. Sore muscles? Stressfulday? Use Lavender Mint Body Oil for a therapeutic massage or add to running water for a calming yet invigorating island spa experience.

All Ingredients: Oils of sweet almond, avocado and jojoba*; rosemary oil extract, vitamin E; essential oils of lavender, cornmint, bergamot BF and sweet orange.

*Organcially grown ingredients. 

Instructions: Use a few drops of this exotic blend of skin oils to nourish dry skin, for therapeutic massage, or add to bath water for an island spa experience.

Tips: Use as a very emollient alternative to lotion, as a bath oil, or for therapeutic massage.

How to use as a bath oil:
Use only 1/2 oz of the body oil blend per bath. Mix well to insure that the blend has dispersed in the tub and hop on in. It's best to add the bath oil just before getting in the tub, instead of early on while the water is running, so that the oils don’t evaporate before you get into the bath. Using a bath oil blend is safer than adding pure essential oils directly to the bath water. This is because pure essential oils without oil added can settle on one spot on your skin and cause irritation.

Lavender Mint and Island Spice Body oils may be used as aromatherapy treatments because of their pure essential oil blends.

Net Weight: 2.0oz (60mL) or 4.0oz (118mL)

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